Catering with Heavy Appetizers for Wedding in Raleigh, NC

Catering Service for Heavy Appetizers

cateringIf you are going to have a sit-down dinner it may cost you a lot of money. This is why serving a heavy appetizers will save your day. Often when guests eat heavy appetizer there tummy will be full easily which means that you don’t need to come up with dozens of food in your dining table. The idea of heavy appetizer wedding catering in Raleigh, NC will help you to save couple of dollars. Such idea is also perfect for buffet style. Focus on heavy appetizer and the rest of foods are bite size and salad.

Like those ordinary wedding celebration you still need to make a guest list in order to determine the amount of food that you are going to serve. Consider the time of the wedding reception. If you ask the guest to come between 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. they are expecting of dinner. Such situation is easy to handle because most of the people don’t eat too much during dinner which means that when you serve heavy appetizers they will be satisfy in just small amount.

You can serve food that are rich in carbohydrate such as pasta and mashed potatoes. Five type of heavy appetizer will do the work. If you have huge space you can set up a buffet table in a corner. Use colorful and huge serving container to occupy blank spaces in the table.  Use centerpieces to make the food look expensive. you also need to provide bottomless drinks.

If you want to share your family recipe you don’t need to hire wedding catering in Raleigh, NC. You can ask a help from your family and friends in cooking and preparing the appetizers. If you think that you need a help from caterers, there are those service provider who offer partial service. You can also ask your wedding venue if they can give you references for catering services.

Aside from the food you also need to choose your wedding dress and bridal jewelry in order to look good during the wedding day.

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