Wearing Spring Inspired Bridal Jewelry

Bridal JewelryIf you are considering having one of the most beautiful weddings in a year, it is during the spring time. This season, when it comes to colors, is the most vibrant of them all. It is also the high time to feature different blooms that are available locally. Spring time is very flexible; you can stage either indoor or outdoor weddings.

But one of the most neglected parts of a spring wedding is the accessories. Most of the time, a couple is always busy on the venue, food catering, flowers and etc. They forget that one of the many things that complete a wedding is the accessory or jewelry. If you have no idea what to get, why not try spring collection of bridal Jewelry and engagement rings:

Vintage spring inspired rings
Rings that have classic touch will always fall into the category of vintage rings. These items that have yesteryear elements will always be timeless and elegant. If you are opting for a romantic nostalgia on your ring, this is the ring that should be featured on your wedding. Vintage items are usually made of yellow gold and rose gold. Not only that. Vintage rings with spring inspired décor could also be modernized by simply brushing white gold and platinum into its setting. You can also feature marquis and halo stones on these types of rings.

Colored and accent accessories
Rings with stones and accents are creating a buzz in the bridal market these days. It is one of the many ways a bride could express her love of colors. When it comes to stones, options like sapphire, ruby and emerald are popular choices in the market. But if you want to retain a diamond stone, you can simply add an accent on it to attain a simple contrast. These options are perfect for couples who are saving cash.

Two toned spring jewelry
Mixture of two metals is very common in the market these days. If you cannot get enough with this kind of style, you can always experiment on metals that you are going to mix. Popular choices are rose and white gold, rose and yellow gold, platinum and yellow gold and many more. The product of two toned styles is usually modern and bold. This unique combination will provide timeless class and sophistication to the bride’s fingers.

Floral details spring jewelry
Spring is usually characterized with floral designs so the collection will not be completed without these items. These types of items are considered to be romantic, whimsical, and intricate in design. Most of the time, these types of rings are usually standing out because its setting is made by an artisan. The artisan will work on the style desired by the bride without sacrificing the metal quality.

Spring collection of bridal jewelry and engagement rings will provide you endless options when it comes to the small details of your wedding. If you need a well guided advice, please sit down with a jeweler and discuss your needs for a spring inspired wedding.